My life. My adventure.


Money. The worlds curse. Money is what almost everyone in this world wants but it is also one of the most corrupt things in this world. There is a story in the bible about a son and his father and the son didn’t want to wait for his father to die to get all his inheritance so the son told his father that he was taking to long to die and give him his money now. The father said ok and gave his son his money. The next week, the son packed up and left. He went and wasted all of his money on partying and himself. When he ran out of money, he was miserable and poor. He went to find a job but no one would hire. A great famine came over the land and he was starving. He found a job at a pig farm and his job was to feed the pigs. While he was feeding the pigs, he looked at the slop that they ate and he was so hungry that the vile substance looked good enough to eat. He took a bite and then he thought, “My fathers servants eat very well. Why don’t I just go home.” So he went home and told his father that he didn’t deserve to be his son and offered himself up as a servant. His father ran to him and gave him a hug and a kiss and threw him a celebration. There is more to that story but the main thing I wanted to point out was that the sons father didn’t hold a grudge even though his son spent all his money and did terrible things. He knew that the son had learned his lesson and knew that he had finally found where he belonged. He didn’t hold a grudge because there was no reason to. Every person on this earth can learn from this because we have all held a grudge before whether it be with someone else or with themselves. Grudges don’t build, they break.


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